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X-ray Welding


Course Duration : 3 Months

Suitable For : 10th passed


It is an experimental welding process that uses a high powered X-ray source to provide thermal
energy required to weld materials.
The phrase “X-ray welding” also has an older, unrelated usage in quality control. In this context, an
X-Ray welder is a tradesman who consistently welds at such a high proficiency that he rarely
introduces defects into the weld pool , and is able to recognize and correct defects in the weld pool,
during the welding process. It is assumed ( or trusted) by the Quality Control Department of a
fabrication or manufacturing shop that the welding work performed by an X-ray welder would pass
an X-ray inspection . For example, defects like porosity, concavities, cracks, cold laps, slag and
tungsten inclusions, lack of fusion & penetration, etc., are rarely seen in a radiographic X-ray
inspection of a weldment performed by an X-ray welder. [2]
With the growing use of synchrotron radiation in the welding process, the older usage of the phrase
“X-Ray welding” might cause confusion; but the two terms are unlikely to be used in the same work
environment because synchrotron radiation (X-Ray) welding is a remotely automated and
mechanized process.

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